A Softer Mind
This is a blog dedicated to the mashup/remix of the comic A Softer World and the movie Like Minds (Murderous Intent).

it isn’t the storm that makes the ocean dangerous.

we’re just getting started.

it is the exact opposite of alone.

yes. Yes, always, yes.

A note from the creator on 120

I had about ten different ideas I wanted to do for this one. But I finally settled on showing the quieter side of Nigel. His near-silence throughout the front end of the movie fascinates me, as he is so clearly the center of the story but barely speaks until he starts more directly manipulating Alex into Jack, and the implications that makes.

what would they do with their freedom?

Requested by anothertroy

If you’re going to do the wrong things, do them right.

cleaning up god’s mess.

HINT: It is all of them.